Paula Hawkins-Guy,

Designation: OTR/L, CMT

Occupational Therapists are educated to treat:

  • Chronic pain such as back/neck problems, arthritis
  • Bone, joint or muscle injuries
  • Recent surgeries to bones or joints
  • Athletic or Job-related injuries
  • Brain injuries like strokes or tumors
  • Wounds (to help speed healing)
  • Infants/Children with slow development



  • Rapid pain reduction and safe return to activities
  • Improving strength and increasing movement after an injury or surgery
  • Preserving or improving balance
  • Preventing future injury or disease
  • Increasing muscle control and mental sharpness following a stroke or brain injury
  • Improving endurance to return to work
  • Discovering and treating underlying cause to chronic pain, including headaches
  • Sport specific training to returning an athlete to award winning function
  • Preventing infection and speeding healing to chronic or recent wounds/injuries
  • Meal Planning/Preparation/Scheduling-Food therapy to heal injuries
  • Manual Therapy and Body Muscular Alignment
  • Environmental Support Facilitation
  • Supportive/Confidential Relationship


Traveling/Contractual OT since 1993 with experience in all rehabilitation settings
Owner of private practice, R3 Station, since 1999 as Pain Management Specialist
Graduate of WMU (1992) and trained at Blue Heron Academy by Dr. Lawton (1999)
Certification in Medical Manual Therapy of Hip/Leg/Neck/Shoulder disorders (1999)



Mr. Bernie Mac (2004-2008) Actor/Comedian
Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (2008-2010) Olympian/Boxer
Mr. David Harris (2009-Current) New York Jets

Bishop Marvin L Sapp (1998-2014) Platinum Gospel Artist/Pastor  

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